I started the emigration process a year ago and collected our Documents but was unsuccessful to obtain our unabridged marriage certificate, we regularly contacted home affairs with the same answer “not here” I heard about Elle’s Passport4u service in Pretoria and gave it a shot I was blown away !! Elle obtained our marriage certificate and as we were hard pressed for time I also requested Elle to assist with Police clearances which she did in super-fast time – this is an unbeaten record and I will recommend Elle for the BEST SERVICE EVER !!!

Hein Havemann

Elle from Passports for you went above and beyond for me! Thanks to her, the stress of obtaining my documents on time has been lifted. I cannot thank her enough for her efficient service and personal touch. Definitely worth every penny.

Alison Van Minnen

Over the past 13 years, I have had to work together with many people offering a service in South Africa, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland. Never once did I receive service from anyone the way I received it from Elle Bond at Passports4U. Elle simply blew me away with her professional and efficient services. From start to finish, her knowledge of not only her work but also people skills were immaculate!

I had been struggling with a problem of having my sons name change for almost a year. Living in Switzerland, I never thought this type of struggle was possible. Finally I gave up and went from company to company for help until I found Elle. I emailed her just like I did everyone else but her response was different. It was uncomplicated, solution based and service orientated. I was very impressed. Things however, got even better afterwards. Just under a week I got an email from Elle stating that not only had she sorted out my sons name change but she also had gotten his new unabridged birth certificate already and sent me proof. I literally almost cried from joy!!!! I was positively shocked and extremely grateful for Elle’s stress-free service. Elle was a real pleasure to work with! Thank you so much Elle your service was a blessing!

Carmen Spatz 

Elle is a miracle worker in my opinion, she is friendly and helpful and always deals with each application with care and understanding. We received our unabridged certificates in record time! I highly recommend her to anyone that is requiring assistance and do so continually. I love reading about her successful assistance and the relief she brings to families struggling to obtain their South African documents in a timely manner. Thank you Elle for your commitment and dedication.

Tracy Mc Donald

Hi Elle you Such a legend in what you do,I contacted Elle about my Police clearance and told her my corcern and asked her assistance.The Monday she contact me and said she got a reprint and courier it to me, what an amazing client service,Im so greatful and will encourage evryone to use your excellent service.
Thank so much,,God will bless your business.
Kind Regards and blessings

Zimieel Jooste

Fantastic and Efficient service. Cuts out all the stress and worth every cent. I got my Unabridged birth Certificate in no time. Thank you Elle


Elle has been nothing short of a lifesaver as my wife and I have been preparing to move abroad. We have used her services multiple times during the process and she has always been incredibly professional, punctual and friendly. I can wholeheartedly recommend Elle’s service for anyone in need of assistance.

Mike Jackson

Ellé is simply amazing. My daughter recommended her & with good reason. If it’s impossible, Ellé can do it. ?. The vault birth certificate that everybody groans about is delivered to your door in record time. Truly worth dealing with. Thank you so much.

Tracey Torrington

Ella thank you so much for such an amazing service. My sister and i needed to get our vault birth certificates and you managed to get them in record time. I will always remember the friendly service and you went over and beyond what you needed to do for us. I would recommend your service without hesitation. Thank you again for your kindness and excellent service.

Shirallee Esquino

Elle has been assisting my family for the past 7 years. This includes my 4 children who have families of their own. I think that there is no substitute for anyone like her in the way she not only conducts herself when dealing with such confidential issues, but also her integrity,honesty and tremendous skill to assist with police clearance, unabridged marriage certificates, and birth certificates.It is with great honor and respect that I reccommend this fine lady to anybody struggling with these issues.She is always on time every time.Thank you Elle for helping to make it possible for me and my family to settle in New Zealand. God bless you.

Herbert Miller

Highly recommended!!! One of a kind!!! Excellent!! The list is endless. Thank you for you warm, kind and friendly nature and excellence. You rescued me. I have applied in 2015 for my police clearance and it took about 3 months. I also went through a very stressful time with my son’s unabridged birth certificate. I have waited 7 months for it!!!!! Wish I have known Elle back then!! 2016, It was a stress free one!! Unbelievable!!! Thank you!!


Elle is definitely a miracle worker. I went through a very stressful time to sort out my unabridged birth certificate which took more than 18 months to do. One mistake after another. Would have taken longer if it weren’t for Elle who sorted it all out for me with in a few weeks. What a life saver. Worth every penny. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Just a note to say thank you for the incredibly fast delivery of a PCC as well as the wonderful service received.
Such great service deserves 5 stars!


Awesome awesome service! Basically same day service! I really recommend using passports4u, so easy and painless.

Lauren Engelbrecht

Ms Elle Bond is a star! I assisted my sister-in-law, nephew and niece with SAPS PCC documentation (originals only) as they were on-shore when their final Immigration requirement were called for. Linda my sister-in-law discovered Ms Bond and I liaised further with Ms Bond.From start to having the original SAPS PCC delivered to my home in Perth suburb Jindalee WA 6036 Australia, took 12 business days. I called Elle a few times on her cell phone ad she was always professional and in control of the process. For the service Elle offered the price was fair and at the lower end of what some shady operators charge. In a five star rating Elle gets six. Elle you are six star. Thanks a million JohnO.


We had great service initially from Elle. She got one of our vault certificates very quickly. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with the other one and she is ignoring all forms of communication from us, so we have no idea what is going on and time is running out. Very disappointing after such a great start.


Elle has just called me to tell me that she has the certificate so came through just in time. Thank you!


Hi Debbie, Thank you for your honest comments, I was not ignoring you ? I have many people calling me daily, it is possible that I was on another call, I thank God that we managed to obtain the Vault copy. It was not my intention to neglect you in any way – apologies Debbie.

Ellé Bond


I urgently needed a police clearance and Elle made the process so easy. The clearance was delivered to my work. Our unabridged birth and marriage certificates took weeks and months, so I contacted Elle the Wednesday, did payment the Thursday and collected on the Monday. Elle you are amazing. I could not ask for a more friendly or efficient service. It was so hassle free. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for your honesty and all the kind words everyone – much appreciated

Ellé Bond

After struggling with Home Affairs and their “escalations” which were constantly fruitless I eventually reached out for help on a FB forum where I was directed to Elle. Thank goodness!!!! I paid on the Thursday at about 10 and I received an sms first thing Monday morning from Home Affairs saying I could come and collect. All three docs (2 unabridged birth certificates as well as an unabridged marriage certificate) are now safely in my hands. Thank you Elle for the assistance – don’t know what people do without you!


We applied for our unabridged birth certificates in May 2016 and by the end of October we still hadn’t received them from Home Affairs. We were told we could wait up to four years because they had requested our details from archives. We heard about Elle through a friend and decided to give it a go. I am so happy we did. We sent her our details on Thursday and we received an sms on Friday morning to say we could collect our certificates from Home Affairs. Excellent service Elle, thank you so very much.

Tammy Wellbeloved

Hi, without finding Elle on the net, my visa would never have been issued. Thank you Elle, without you I would never have been able to go with my Hubby to New Zealand.

Eloise Smith

The SA Department of Home Affairs had us waiting for over two months for unabridged birth & marriage certificates. We had escalated the applications within DHA and still no success. We decided to make use of Elle’s Passport4u services and received confirmation that the originals were ready for collection within 48 hrs. Many thanks.


My Brother and his family immigrated to Christchurch! We received all the documents but could not get a unabridged marriage and one child’s unabridged birth certificate! I contacted Elle on Wednesday and by Friday everyting was ready for collection! Thank you and your team Elle!


I want to thank Elle from Passports 4 u. I can recommend her services anytime. Super friendly, honest, professional and efficient! She goes out of her way to try and speed up the process and keeps you updated all the way. Totally worth it using her services, you won’t regret it. Again thank you for assisting me, it is much appreciated. Will definitely make use of your services if I need documents in the future. Kind regards


Elle is honestly the biggest life saver! I am relocating to London and required vault copies of some documents. Elle managed to pull this off in record time and allow me to keep my work position abroad intact when all my other options had dried up! Thanks for being my saving grace Elle ! Will definitely recommend you to anyone!

Devin Chiesa

Thanks Elle. You are a superstar. Requested police clearance and this was received in record time. Your service is superb and I can confidently recommend the services she provides. My heartfelt thanks to you. God bless.

Sajeeve Vishnand

Ellé is a one of a kind. She showed “care”, which is something lacking in most businesses and was such a breathe of fresh air. The service was provided with total professionalism. She delivered in 4 days what Home Affairs and a foreign embassy couldn’t in 4 months, (if ever they will). Her efficiency and clarity in the process was a pleasure to deal with. Make use of Ellé and you will not be disappointed.

Howard Tolkin

I want to say a big thank you to Elle today. After 7 months of waiting for my twin boys birth certificates Elle sent me an email this morning that all the documents are ready for collection. If it weren’t for Elle i would have never gotten it. The lady that was supposed to register them in 2007 when they were born took the money and never did what she was suppose to do but then came Elle and sorted it out for me. I never knew this was the problem and i would have never known if it wasn’t for Elle. It took 3 days and all is done. We need more people like you Elle. Quick and with care she delivers exceptional services. Thank you so much.


A great service from Elle. Hassle-free SA police clearance for NZ visa renewal in under two weeks, from start to finish. Highly recommended.


Elle, you saved our European holiday. It is as simple as that! Without your help we would have not got my daughter’s unabridged birth certificate in time. thank you so much.


Elle assisted me with my unabridged birth certificate and my police clearance. It was an absolute pleasure having her assist me, it was easy and the process went very quick. I would definitely recommend making use of Elle’s services.


After a long tedious process of having to get a vault copy of my parents marriage certificate at home affairs for international travel and passport related issues. Between home affairs capturing the information incorrectly and processing an unabridged certificate instead and having to wait what seemed like an eternity I found myself on the brink of tears. Time was running out. Home affairs was unhelpful to say the least. I heard about Elle through a friend of mine. Not only did she save me weeks and weeks of waiting. She sorted out the incorrect documents without me having to step foot in home affairs all within a week. Needless to say I am ecstatic!! I can’t sing her praises loud enough! Thank YOU!!!


The service and prompt reply that I received from Elle were most impressive. I had a deadline to submit my Police Clearance to the Canadian Immigration and Elle got this done for me!!! I highly recommend their services for efficiency and very reasonable rates.

Darlene Coppinger

Very impressive service that exceeded all expectations! Elle made a single day’s work of something that would’ve taken me more than a week to do by myself. I give this service my highest recommendation.

Deirdré de Villiers

Absolutely amazing service! Timely too. Had a little bump but it was sorted very quickly! I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend her services. Worth every penny! Thank you Elle!


Incredibly happy with the service we got from Elle. We had a very tricky case, including changing details on a birth certificate that had been issued incorrectly previously by home affairs. Elle managed to get this fixed, as well as get us a whole bunch of other important documents in record time. Bunnyhop quoted us 9 months to get a document that Elle took 3 weeks to get. Highly recommended!

Dave McMillan

A huge thanks to Elle and Passports4u, for extraordinary service in terms of speed and confidence!

As a foreigner living in South Africa, undergoing immigration processes can be extremely frustrating, especially so when requested to provide official South African documents… Elle assisted me with obtaining supporting documents for permanent residency status, including a South-African police clearance certificate in record time!

Elle made our travelling overseas with our son possible, incurring unabridged marriage and birth certificates in less than 24 hours!

With so many online options out there; pertaining to be of any use…
Elle IS the “real thing”!


WOW! Super impressed by Elle’s service and professionalism. From making the payment till collection of birth certs in less than a day.
Can highly recommend her service.


I have nothing but praise and heartfelt thanks for great service given by Elle Bond. I am preparing to marry a US citizen and needed original, personal documents in a hurry and without her service I would not have been anywhere close to having all the required paperwork. As my fellow South Africans who have been in a similar position of requiring original, personal documents know, it takes anything from 3 months or longer to get them.

Elle is beyond a miracle worker and I would recommend (and have) her services to anybody requiring personal documents.

My Life Saver!

Anita Kingwill

I had a great holiday planned, 3 months in Australia, and got deported back to Johannesburg because I lost my passport on Singapore Airport. a Friend of mine referred me to this great service, and I would be forever grateful. Elle is truly amazing with sorting documents in emergency situations! I will definitely rely on her every time! Thank You Elle you are a super star!

Michelle Harmse

Elle is a miracle worker! She has come to our rescue twice in trying times:
First, she helped my husband and I in getting our unabridged marriage certificate, without which we would not have been able to file our immigration abroad in time.
Second, she helped us with getting my unabridged birth certificate, which had to be dated within 6 months of the marriage certificate in order for our marriage to be recognized by other countries!

None of this would have been possible without Elle. Elle is beyond persistent – she stuck with us through every iteration required (three to be exact) for my husband’s date of birth to be correct on our marriage certificate, and didn’t even charge us for the extra time she worked on our case. She went to such great lengths to help us, including coaching my mom over the phone when she had to go to home affairs on my behalf (as I was abroad).


Ellé is superb and the service was easy, quick and fantastic.

We thought we would never obtain our certificates from HA after waiting for 9 months and no end in sight but Ellé managed to sort everything out within a day and this really amazed me.

Thank you Ellé and Passports4u.

Boaz Friedland

We needed help to speed up the process to obtain our passports. Thankfully we found Passports4U. Elle is the most professional person we have dealt with in recent times. Friendly and very efficient. We highly recommend her.

Thank you Elle once again. We look forward to visiting our daughter in the USA.

Michael and Glynis

I am stunned! We reside in New Zealand and are in process of applying for our residency. So here is my story:

Our police clearances expired a while ago and we had to apply for new ones. Our daughter’s unabridged birth certificate also got lost so we also needed to apply for a new one. We tried many options and routes to get this done urgently. No luck! Then the miracle. Someone told us about Elle. Desperately we gave it a go. Her friendly and helpful service was really impressive. We received the unabridged certificate and police certificates in record time! I highly recommend her to anyone that is requiring assistance. She is on task and her service delivery is outstanding. Thank you Elle!


Is Elle a miracle or what! yes she is, my immigration visa was pending because of police clearance and we found Passports4U on the web. We contacted Elle who sorted our documents for us. The best part of it was Elle scanned the documents to my husband for quick service and it was sent to immigration before the courier delivered over the Easter holidays. Thank you Elle you are a life saver, i would recommend this service for quick, efficient service to anybody seeking documents!

Susanne and Shaun 

I would like to add to the long list of Elle’s satisfied customers. She’s been prompt and clear in her communications and the process was as smooth as promised by the person referring us. We earlier this year went through a process of getting a document from H.A. that we were lucky to get in “only four months”. A big thank you for this life-saver.


I contacted Elle for assistance in obtaining Vault copies of my own and my children’s birth certificates. Elle confirmed all the details needed and gave me a very good quotation and told me how long it would take, I thought wow, that will be impossible !
Amazingly enough true to her word Elle sent me scanned copies of our vault copies and confirmed our address to courier the documents to me!

From start to finish, Elle was professional, friendly and a pleasure to work with. I can recommend Elle to anyone needing this service. She is brilliant ! Thanks so much Elle, you have taken a huge stress of my shoulders.


Our family started our emmigration process to NZ during 2016. In order to obtain our unabridged birth certificates, unabridged marriage certificate and police clearances ready in a flash, we made use of the excellent service of Elle Bond. She really went out of her way to assist us with submitting our visa applications and to ensure that all the necessary documentation was in order. Thank you Elle.

Ronel Vosloo

I contacted Elle in April in a panic state after we have applied for our unabridged marriage certificate and Home Affairs kept saying it is still being processed.

We had our Visa appointment scheduled and Elle managed to get our marriage certificate without any delays! Amazing service!!!!! I’ll be using her again for our unabridged birth certificates because I know … ELLE GETS IT DONE!!!

Cherise Hickley 

I received excellent and quick service from Elle. I would highly recommend using her services and will definitely use it again in future.

Regan Jonathan 

Can’t say Thank you enough, awesome service. Received our police clearance certs hassle free. Friendly and very efficient. Highly recommend Elle.

Thank you Elle once again.

Denny and Raquel Ferreira

After numerous attempts at home affairs many calls and tears later,we had been trying for 6 months to obtain an unabridged marriage certificate and birth certificate,I contacted Elle and in one day had received my documents.I later required her help with police clearance and received excellent service again turn around time is excellent.Thank you Elle from one happy client.


Ellé from Passports4U has been an absolute star assisting with DHA docs – Vault Birth Certificate & unabridged Birth Certificate .. Ellé was professional, friendly & efficient communicating & keeping me informed all the way. I can highly recommend passport4u services .. thanks a million .. will definitely ask your help if further docs are required .. thank you Ellé for everything ! A pleasure working with such a super reliable person. Xxooxx


My husband and I are currently working abroad and urgently needed new police clearance certificates issued. Elle was recommended and proved to be efficient, professional and exceeded our exceptions by delivering days before anticipated. Thank you Elle for your service – you have given us the ability to extend living and working aboard.


We were about to resort to opening a human rights violation case through Amnesty, when we first heard of Elle, through someone who had availed of her services, describing her as a Miracle Worker. She proved them right! We tried, and not by a lack of persistence, for Two!! Two years to a secure a long form Birth certificate from our local SA embassy, after we immigrated??? Our situation was not entirely simple, an adoption in the mix. Even then it took Elle just a little over a month for us to stand, one Monday morning on the other side of the world feeling over the moon, with it in our hands. Elle, Thank You so very much!! Xox


Elle has been literally a life saver …. She assisted me with getting no fewer than THREE very important documents that i needed for an Ancestral Visa application. She kept me calm, reassured me through the entire process, staying in constant contact and delivered when she said she would. I would NEVER have been able to have done this alone, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart Elle xx

Bronwyn Smith

Absolutely excellent service! I would recommend Elle to anyone, she can get documents fast.

Thank you

Stav Banks

I started my emigration process quite a while back and was referred to Elle by my recruiter in NZ as well as a Facebook group that I am part of and was told that she is the best in the business. Needless to say, she rightfully deserves that title. During everything that Elle has helped me with, she has never failed to deliver on her promises. Thanks Elle. You’re a star.

Corne Stassen

Elle has helped save my life by getting my vault birth certificate expedited for me. I had been trying for months and no one else could help. Not even other similar companies. This year there have been over 500’000 applications made for birth certificates and the government has not increased the work force allocated to finding them. If you need a certificate Passports4U is legitimately the only way to go.

Thank you thank you thank you Elle!

Nicholas Edmonds 

Prompt, efficient, faultless service.
Thank you kindly.

Steve Fox 

I have no words to describe the service of Elle. After six months and tens of calls and visits to Home Affairs, I was ready to throw myself off a roof when it was suggested I call Elle. From start to finish which lasted mere days I was reminded of what service delivery can be like. It was surely in many ways. Suffice to say whatever the fee, pay it, in the full knowledge that your application will be handled with personal flair and competency. She makes the Germans look shoddy.

Erich Jordan

The best service I received in a long time. We urgently needed our daughter’s unabridged birth certificate. We were told by Home affairs that we could wait up to a year for it to be finalised. I was so stressed and decided to contact Ellé. She sorted it out in a very short time. She had compassion for my situation and her communication was excellent. Will definitely recommend her service.

Selma Meintjes

If you ever looking for someone to assist you with your documents, Elle Bond is the person to get in contact with. She’s extremely helpful and friendly and of course, very much willing to help & of assistance. She knows what she’s doing and saves you lots of time and effort getting it done by yourself. It was so convenient and I knew from the beginning that she’ll give me thorough help. Contact her right away because she respects your future!! All the best of luck!!


It is a pity one cannot fly her name across the skies on a large banner. What a pleasure and treasure to have found out about Elle.
With time being of the essence, having Elle assist was worth the fee. I needed my daughters Unabridged Birth Certificate asap. Got it, alas with errors printed, and Elle was again my “who you gonna call – “Ghostbusters”. Her assistance in rectifying them, I will be forever grateful. Will make use of her services again if ever needed and will most definitely recommend her. THANK YOU ELLE!

Karen Britten on 2017-09-07 at 13:25

Elle literally saved my backside, she made it happen in under a week. My husband PCC was also done in the time frame promised.

She replies to queries quickly and is very helpful to the unsure.

Thank Elle

Would recommend her 100x over

Leandri Hefer

Awesome service from Elle, such a relief to get our vault birth certificate in time. She is a miracle worker!


I cannot fault the service Elle has provided to my husband and I. In fact, I can only describe her service ethic as exceptional.

My husband and I were granted residency in Spain during 2014. A plethora of documents are required by the Spanish authorities to advance the process and once residency is obtained, a renewal process is required every two years. If anybody has had the misfortune of visiting the local SAPS to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate, or the Department of Home Affairs to obtain an Unabridged Marriage Certificate – All I can say is the very best of luck to you… It’s nothing less than a proverbial nightmare, or maybe not, nightmares aren’t real, but the SAPS and Home Affairs Offices are real and real scary too. Oh, and then a further process, having these documents apostilled (legalising documents in terms of The Hague Convention). Maybe a couple of hours standing in queues is an understatement – take a week’s leave!

We soon realised that emigration was not for sissies. Spending many unproductive hours in long hot queues, completing documents, being pushed from one counter to the next and tolerating abusive, unfriendly and unhelpful staff is probably one of the most abhorrent, and despicable things a human being can endure.

Enter Passports4U. A miracle? Yes, indeed miracles do occur. Elle, the owner of the company took control of this loathsome process on our behalf and within a few days all the requisite documents were delivered to our doorstep and bingo, our Spanish residency was a step closer.

We have now settled in Spain and our residency renewal is a breeze too. A quick email to Elle requesting updated and apostilled documents and before we know it, DHL Courier services have delivered the docs to our doorstep in Spain.

What is more, Elle truly understands the concept of providing legendry customer service – having an intimate understanding of her customer’s needs and delivering right, first time, every time, with a huge smile and friendliness to boot.

Oh yes, the cost – The service Elle and Passporsts4U provides comes at a small price – but I would give my kingdom to avoid the frustration and hours of wasted time facing bureaucratic government departments – Wouldn’t you?

Thanks Elle, you are an absolute star!

Charmaine Nunn

Elle, is my life saver! I am a “worry-ier” and got hold of Elle through a mutual contact. I explained my situation and sent the documents I had. I followed the instruction to the letter. I received my vault copies of 2 birth certificates! The unabridged marriage certificate was a lot more tricky given I didn’t have all the requirements. No problem for Elle, she worked her magic and even after days of being patient with my pestering, voila!!! I had the little document in my hand. I can’t thank Elle enough for her professional service. So lovely to deal with someone who provides an efficient service, with a smile!!!
Thank you, Elle!!!!

Claire Simpson 

Elle has assisted fabulously and we got the police clearances on time, as she promised.

Thank you very much!

Michael Bakker 

I’m currently in New Zealand and needed my Birth Certificate for Immigration purposes. I liaised with the South African High Commission here in Wellington, sending them 5 emails a day over 9 months (that’s more than 1,000 emails) and still nothing. I approached these guys, paid a small fee and my sister was able to pick up my Birth Certificate from Home Affairs in South Africa within 4 days. It would have been 3, but they were off-line the day she went. I can’t thank you enough for the amazing amazing service!

Joanie Badenhorst-Awasthi 

I will second the comment above that Elle is a miracle worker – after months of trying to get our unabridged marriage certificate ourselves, Elle sorted it out incredibly quickly, in the most responsive and professional way. And then, when we realised that there was a capturing error on it, managed to sort it out again, in a matter of days.

I cannot recommend her services highly enough – she really is fantastic.


Thank you Elle for your excellent service, I have really been blown away. My wife is applying for an ancestral visa and we have been stressing about getting the 3 vault certificates that we need, but you managed to get them in record time. Thank you for relieving the stress, you have really been a blessing. I would definitely recommend you to other people and what an excellent service you offer.


Elle is fantastic! I needed to get a copy of my vault birth certificate asap but getting anything from Home Affairs can be a nightmare not to mention the long waits.

However, Elle made what is usually a stressful and tedious task fast, simple and stress-free. I cannot thank her enough!

Kyla ONeill

We have decided to make use of Elle’s services after we realised that my son’s vault copy of birth certificate will take minimum one year to obtain from Home Affairs.

Then we needed a vault copy of a marriage certificate, which was more tricky because of endless application mistakes and very bad treatment from Home Affairs staff, including phones being slammed down in my ear and being chased out of the office of the person handling the marriage certificates after humbly inquiring about my application (which could take up to 2 years to complete).

The cherry on top was the fact that my son’s UK passport application was about to closed.

There was no time left to waste, so Elle assisted us again in a very efficient, professional, patient and super fast manner.

She had to pull out her best special forces tactics for this document due to the tricky circumstances and very tight time frame.

We received the paperwork this morning and cannot thank her enough!

Will recommend Elle Bond to anyone needing this type of expedite service. She is the best!

Monya Prinsloo

I am the happiest lady on planet earth today.
I received the corrected unabridged certificate required, just within a week.
Now I can breathe again, emigration is definitely not for sissies and Elle’s efficient, friendly service and encouraging words helps makes it so much easier.
Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for making this happen.
I have notified all my friends and family about your excellent services.

Frances Boshoff

Thank you Elle, your service is excellent and it’s a pleasure to deal with your company! I will recommend your company to all that needs your services! Keep up the exceptional service and work!

Graham Dent 

The most fabulous effective service I have come across with the tedious process of obtaining vault copies of birth certificates !!! Thank you Elle- you’ve been a lifesaver!

Shelley Everest 

Thanks to Elle for her quick results. 3 months of trying on our own got us nowhere. Thanks to Elle we had both our kids unabridged birth certificates within a week and that included courier time to get documents to her. Now we can get on with our application for emigration with no hassles. Thank you Elle.

Theresa Richards

Thank you Elle for your excellent service in helping me obtain my police clearance, and going the extra mile when needed. We highly recommend your company for anyone that needs your services. Thanks again!!!! Keep up the good work!

Mercia De Wet-Hanekom 

Thank you Elle for your amazing service with getting our police clearances sorted on our behalf as we are already in NZ. It arrived with us in record time!! We cannot say THANK YOU enough!!

Monica and Reon van Zyl 

Elle’s service was astoundingly quick. Would highly recommend her services.


We used Elle for all our documents needed for emigration. I can honestly say that I have never experienced brilliant service like this, ever. Thank you Elle!


I would recommend Elle one thousand times over. Quick, efficient and worth every cent. Thank you Elle!


Elle my mens, you are a god sent!! When you said you could obtain the vault copy I must admit I was skeptical (as my sister waited a year for hers after applying at Home Affairs). But you proved me wrong! Two days later and I have my vault copy.

Your service is exceptional to say the least!! I will be sure to recommend your services to anyone who enquires or needs it.

I cannot thank you enough!

May your business continue to grow from strength to strength.


Elle, myself and Mario would like to thank you for your wonderful assistance with regards to our police clearance certificates. The documents arrived in time in Christchurch, New Zealand. Thank you for what you do for others, God Bless.

Natasha and Mario

Elle has assisted me in obtaining an unabridged birth certificate, her service is outstanding and she is super efficient!

Thank you!

Adrian Botha

Thank you so much for your prompt and friendly service Elle! Highly recommended.


I can most definitely highly recommend Elle’s services. So helpful, patient and friendly, went above and beyond to assist me with all my documents. Thank you for your excellent service.

Belinda Port 

Thank you, Elle, for assisting us with our police clearances! Thank you so much!

Natalie Erasmus

I got my husbands unabridged birth certificate through Elle. She was amazing! Managed to get the certificate over the Christmas period, even though it was a complicated case (my husband was adopted). She explained the problem with getting a vault certificate clearly so we now know what is ahead should the UK immigration ask for it. Thanks Elle!


GOING THE EXTRA MILE just got new meaning!! Elle you are a miracle worker. You have gone above and beyond. You were prepared to communicate with us after 23h00 and you came through in getting our police clearances done. Our immigration agent suggested that we start from scratch with our application due to time constraints. Our age would have prevented us to do that. We are immigrating to New Zealand to be with our 3 daughters and we would not have been able to unite our family EVER if you did not come through. With a work ethic like yours you are sure to go from strength to strength.

Suzette Niemand 

Thank you so much I cannot believe how quick and efficient your service is. Elle you are a life saver really. May your company go from strength to strength.

Thank You again.

Tasneem Hamman

Elle Bond you are SUPERWOMAN you made the most difficult part of emmigration the most easiest part for us. We will continue using you even from Scotland and for many years to come. Thank you for making the stress a little bit less for us. Thanks Elle.

The Bedwell family



Elle is a miracle worker – a professional and speedy service, I have used her company twice now to secure a South African police clearance to the U.K – with no complaints! This really has taken the stress out of the visa process. many thanks Elle!

Natasha Constant 

People standing in the lines with me at home affairs had been waiting more than 6 months. Elle was able to expedite my documents within days. Unfortunate that one cannot simply rely on the government to do a good job, but really helpful to have an option of very speedy and reliable expedition to use if necessary. Was well worth the cost. thanks.


Ah wow – a miracle worker is all I can say for Elle. I contacted Elle after months of waiting on a Friday and sent my details, paid my fees on the Monday and Tuesday she contacted me and said she had my documents…AMAZING. I’m so super impressed and will recommend her service to anyone who asks. Thank Elle.


I have had a great experience with Elle. She is truly a lifesaver and could get everything done in record time.

Thanks Elle


My husband and I contacted Elle to see if she could help us get our unabridged marriage certificate as quickly as possible. She responded very quickly confirming that she would indeed be able to help, and after payment we had the marriage certificate within a few working days. Not only is she reliable and a miracle worker, she is also very friendly and easy to communicate with. Thank you Elle, you are helping so many people with this service.


After 1 year and 3 months of waiting omg for our daughter’s UBC from SA Embassy in NZ we contacted Elle… we were blown away by the efficiency & professional manner by which we were dealt with. 1 week after making contact, we received our document. Thank you to Elle & her team for great service ?

Shelley Els 

After struggling with Home Affairs for weeks, getting nowhere. Elle has helped me obtain my birth certificate within 2 days. Thank you for your good friendly service!


I’d like to thank Elle for the absolutely amazing service! I suddenly needed an unabridged birth certificate very urgently and I contacted Elle for assistance… and the very next day I was able to collect my certificate! Totally blown away by the efficiency of this company and would recommend Elle and Passports4U to everyone.


I was referred to Elle by a FB group that already spoke highly about her service. I needed a Birth certificate and after applying, I was told it will take two months to process. Elle came to the rescue, I can truly say she performed miracles, even making contact after hours and obtaining information to process. I received my SMS from Home affairs first thing this Morning. Thank you Elle, I will definitely be suggesting your service to everyone in the future. Regards 

Cobus Grobler

The service I received from Elle was absolutely outstanding! I started with the process of applying for my British passport over 8 months ago however was not able to continue with it as I was struggling to get one of the documents I needed to complete the process. I was referred to Elle on Facebook and was told she was fantastic and would be able to help me. The very same day I contacted Elle to ask her for help she had my document. I am so impressed and grateful that she is so efficient and was able to help me. If I ever need to get any more documents I am definitely coming straight back to her for help. Thank you so much Elle, you’ve done an amazing job!


After applying in May 2016 for a vault birth certificate for my son born in 2004 and waiting for almost 2 years with no progress from Home Affairs, I contacted Elle to assist. Although this process was not easy or simple, because Home Affairs couldn’t trace the application or the actual vault certificate, Elle persevered and after 6 weeks finally managed to get Home Affairs to provide an official letter stating that the vault could not be located but that there is indeed record of my son’s birth. Thank you Elle – I appreciate your efforts!

Denise Gordon

There i was on the other side of the planet and in sudden need of a new police clearance certificate with only days to spare until my visa expires. Elle was a miracle worker and delivered in short order. My great thanks to her speed and engaged communication.



Elle is a legend. Its that easy.
We requested a quote, and it came back almost instantly.
I sent through all my documents and then made payment and the very next day I received an email with a scanned in copy of our two documents. 10 minutes later I had a way bill made out to me for the courier.
Absolutely outstanding customer service. Highly recommended to any one who needs documents in a hurry or for anything else really.

Dylan Hardouin

Elle promised to get my Mother’s unabridged birth certificate within 10 days. She did it in less. A promise made was a promise kept. Outstanding service.



Thanks for helping people get the information they need. Great stuff as usual. Keep up the good work!!!


We urgently acquired my son’s unabridged birth certificate and after hearing it would take up to three months, I decided to make use of an expedite service. I am so very thankful that I came upon Elle’s website – being naturally sceptic, I enquired quite a few times before transferring the funds. I received the SMS that I could collect the certificate within 2 working days after doing so. If you need assistance – this is the woman to contact, she will deliver! Very professional, to the point and definitely trustworthy. Thank you so much Elle – with your help we have been able to obtain his visa in time, would never have been able to do it without you!

Charlotte Loubser 

If it wasn’t for Elle, we’d still be waiting… But thanks to Elle we received our birth certificates and marriage sertificate today and will be able to submit our permanent residency application this week! Elle your service is oustanding and it was only a pleasure working with you. I would definitely advise anyone requesting these documents, don’t waste your time trying to do this youself. Save youself the precious time and tons of worries and use Elle. You won’t be sorry!

Caroline Mouton 

I am so glad I did my police clearance through passports4u, I am impressed at how quickly they got this sorted for me.
Elle and Reina are very helpful, they made the whole process so easy and stress free. I would definitely recommend passports4u to anyone needing any documentations that they offer to help with.

Thank you Elle and Reina for all your help!


After waiting four months for birth and marriage certificates from Home Affairs, our visa application became very urgent and Elle stepped in to help. Within a day my birth certificate was processed and within a week I had my marriage certificate in hand. Thank you for an outstanding, professional service, without the assistance it is unlikely my family would have been able to pursue the opportunity we’d been offered abroad.


Reina and the team were great! They are so friendly, helpful and made the process so much easier. Thanks guys! Will definitely use you again if I ever need anything else and highly recommend Passports4u:)


Ellé…thank you! What a stellar service! Absolute 5 star! Got my document in less than 24 hours (which normally takes more than 8 weeks). Will definitely be using this service again for any future needs.


Elle was unbelievable!
I can’t thank you enough for assisting me…
The speed, efficiency, and friendliness was top draw.

Anyone thinking or needing doc’s don’t hesitate to use Elle.

Thank you again.

gavin hagger 

Elle and Reina have been so efficient. I sent proof of payment last night and this morning my unabridged birth certificate was ready for collection. I was shocked and amazed at how quick it was, well worth the payment as it took looooooads of stress off my shoulders. After 6 months of waiting for my unabridged birth certificate she managed to get it done in an hour or so. Amazing service. Definitely recommend them. Thanks again!


My first application at Home Affairs for my Vault copy Birth Certificate was in 2010!!! Subsequent Re-applications and days’ worth of hours spent in various HA Offices had left me desperate and totally frustrated. I was running out of time to apply for my British Passport, my Vault copy being central to this application.


I contacted Elle, who is so willing to help and amazing at handling the volume of urgent cases that come her way, and had my Official Home Affairs letter and new Vault copy birth Certificate within a week.

Elle’s efficiency and the speed with which she dealt with my request, considering she is dealing with a government department, has impressed me greatly. I would thoroughly recommend her services to any who are battling to get their personal legal documentation. Its unlikely that you will find another team like Elle and Reina to give you such fantastic, competent, personalised service.

Again, Thank You so very much Elle. Truly grateful for your help.


Huge thank you to Elle and her team for getting my son’s certificates. I did not have an easy request as we were told the vault copy was lost and needed a marriage certificate for a marriage that already dissolved. Having no means to go and apply myself as I was in the UK, Elle arrange everything for us.

It took slightly longer than what we were told but she was amazing in dealing with me and managed to get everthing before the due date. My son’s passport application was going to be rejected but she managed to get the documents to UK before the due date.

From my experience if Elle don’t get back to you immediately hang in there she is working on it! She is amazing. Thank you Elle, we could not have got Brent’s documents without you!

Elmie Munday 

I applied for an unabridged birth certificate at home affairs in Centurion. They told me I’d have to wait 3 months!!! I waited a couple of weeks and then thought, No ways, I have a few weeks to get my Visa together. I contacted Shaun Benator who gave me Elle’s name.I called her and gave her my son’s details. The next day she told me the birth certificate was ready….now that is fast, awesome service…literally 24 hrs!!!!
Elle is understanding,kind, super supportive and very professional . I would refer anyone to her for their documents and I shall certainly use her again. Thank you Elle!!!

janine golden

I received the most amazing and efficient service from Elle and Reina. All my questions were dealt with immediately and I was very impressed with the speed of the whole process. It was an absolute pleasure to have made use of their services. I highly recommend Passports4U and I will continue to use them. Thank you Elle and Reina

Ashley Mendes 

I can’t thank these ladies enough….Raine and Elle i didn’t think you could get my son’s Vault B.C. so soon.

I have been extending my son’s application at the Passport Office in London for 5 months now, contacted Passport4u and they got the Vault B.C. within a day.

Money well spent. Forever gratefull.

Carolyne Tetlow 

Thank you Reina and Elle for the exceptional service in helping me obtain my daughter’s unabridged birth certificate. I was told by Home Affairs that I had to wait 8+ months for her certificate. Passports4u had the situation sorted in 5 days and I am so grateful I was referred to them. I will definitely recommend these ladies!

Melissa Smit 

Reina and Elle really saved the day! I was in such a panic because I found out at short notice that I needed a legalised unabridged birth certificate for registration with the municipality in the Netherlands and it was a race against the clock to get this document from Home Affairs before I was due to fly.

Reina, the Office Manager at Passports4U, explained the process of obtaining and legalising the document for use overseas, and gave me different options for the way forward.

The service was always friendly, emails were answered swiftly, and queries followed up promptly.

I would have been delayed for at least a few months were it not for Passports4U. Considering the time and money saving, the cost of their service is very reasonable.

Thank you once again

Nicholas Chadwick 

I applied on 23 April 2018 and there was no news from Home Affairs. On 26 June I requested and paid for Elle’s services. On 27 June I received my SMS and on 28 June I collected my Unabridged Birth Certificate.

Susan Fernandes 

I can’t recommend passports4u more highly. Great and effective service when time is not on your side is essential and that is exactly what they offer and achieve.


I would like to commend Reina and Elle for their superb service. We had contacted the company for assistance with obtaining our Police Clearance Certificates and they delivered in service, friendliness and a timeous manner. It’s wonderful to deal with people who care firstly and who are so efficient.

We will definitely be using their services in future and they are highly recommended.

Jeremy and Liesl Kannemeyer

After being so concerned that my boyfriend and I weren’t going to get our visa’s in time, Passports4u swooped in and got us our vault and unabridged certificates in a mere 2 weeks. Thank you Elle for your wonderful services, it has helped us tremendously.

Abigail Hellestoe 

Thank you so much Elle and Reina WOW what excellent service . I requested a Vault copy on Wednesday and it was obtained by Friday you really are the best thank you so much i have never ever had such amazing service.


I used passports4u to obtain my police clearance both while in South Africa before traveling and then once again once I arrived in New Zealand for a further visa. The service is very efficient and the team is friendly and respond real quick. Fantastic company and would recommend to anyone to use!! Thank you Elle and Reina!!


Elle and Reina helped me get a Vault as well as an unabridged copy of my birth certificate. They were very professional to deal with and I would highly recommend their services. Thank you Elle and Reina!


Amazing service – contacted Elle and received my Unabridged Birth Certificate within hours! Strongly recommended and will always remember the service!


Wow! What awesome service! Elle really went out of her way to help us in super quick time.
We are so thankful for the help.
Thank you!

J Crawford 

I was really impressed with the service provided by Ellé and her team. I had my police clearances done and it was hassle-free!!

Elize Maritz

I used Passports4u to speed up the process of getting a vault copy birth certificate. The speed was unbelievable!, Elle and Reina had it delivered and in my hands in 9 days!!
Thank you so much for an amazingly speedy service.

Kent Brink 

The service i received from Passports4U was absolutely incredible! After months of trying to get hold of our Unabridged Marriage Certificate, Reina ensured that we had it 3 days later! The service we received was exceptionally professional and incredibly efficient Truly grateful for your help.


The Post Office lost our first set of finger prints to the Criminal dept in Pretoria so we lost 4 weeks of precious time to apply for our Visas. Elle got our Police Clearances and saved the day! I also phoned and messaged her a zillion times and she was always accommodating and kind. So grateful for angel people like this. Big Thank you!

Krispin Davies 

I am flying out soon to join my husband in Ireland and time was running out to receive my unabridged marriage certificate. We applied a while ago but the Home Affairs office lost our application! Without it I would not be able to take my flight over. I reapplied but time was running out. Almost in tears I called Elle on Monday and explained my predicament to her. I have just received word 4 days later that its ready for collection! I am beyond relieved!! Between all the packing and selling of cars and admin left before I go this has made it all seem more manageable because I know that I am definitely going to be able to go now!
I chose Elle because of all the good feedback on the Immigration Facebook pages and am so glad I did!


My husband and I needed our unabridged marriage and birth certificates before flying out to NZ to start our new life. After waiting over 19 weeks we realised we needed help. Elle & Reina came to the rescue and our docs were ready for collection in under 3 weeks. I highly recommend passports4u!

Inge Larter 

Elle, where do I start. I was in a right little bind when I called you up, and thought I was never going to be able to submit in the time frame I had. And literally applied the morning and got the text the following day saying it was done.

Thank you sooo very much.
Your service and attitude is amazing x

Sameega Samsodien 

Dealing with any red tape is like pulling teeth, but the team at Passports4U made life incredibly easy with their profession service. I was always kept up to date with the process, and it was all completed in a 30th of the time it would have taken me to follow traditional routes. Thank you very much to Reina and Elle for all the help – Definitely will recommend you to friends and family.

Jade Dos Santos 

Passports4u were recommended on one of the immigration groups on Facebook so when our time came I knew exactly who I was going to contact. I even sourced quotes from several other agencies for comparison and P4U were by far the cheapest and fastest turnaround time. After 6 months passed from when we submitted for our unabridged marriage certificate at Home Affairs with no news or updates, I contacted Reina and in less than 2 weeks we received our certificate! So efficient, fast and honestly the easiest company to deal with! Such a pleasure!

Valentina Kupresan-Jackson 

In a our current undertakings we have become accustomed to poor service, begging, pleading and never getting anywhere. It was great to obtain assistance from Ellé and her team. She seems to be able to make the impossible happen and we will make sure to recommend yourselves to anyone who requires it. Thank you Ellé!!!!


We needed our police clearances done as we were living abroad. We sent through the docs by courier, our police clearances were finalised and couriered back to us! It was faster than when we did them ourselves when we were still living in SA!! Reina is always quick to respond to emails and answers all queries effectively. Great service!!!

Emma Liston 

I was in a panic after being told that one of my original documents that I had couriered to the UK to apply for my British Passport had been declined, and that I now had to obtain and send them a vault copy birth certificate within a very limited time, or else I would have to start the entire application all over again (and pay again!). After making calls and scouring the internet I was losing hope because all the other places either had wording on their website or told me on the phone that even though they do their best to get it done as quick as possible it could still take many weeks, if not months and they provided no guarantee. I was then lucky enough to come across Passports4u, and found nothing but positive reviews saying that they had received their documents within days. So I took the chance, and I am thrilled to say that I have received my vault copy birth certificate sent to me in Port Elizabeth within a few days! Elle and Reina have gone above and beyond to make a miracle for me! They kept me up to date and answered all my frantic calls and e-mails to follow up. I can wholly recommend Passports4u!

Kalinka Dendor 

Thank you to passports4u. After years of failed attempts trying to get Home Affairs to issue me a new Vault copy birth certificate (as they said it had been lost in a fire) Elle & Reina managed to find my original Vault copy. It took a month but was well worth the wait as otherwise I would have never got it myself. Staff at passports4u are friendly and always email or phone you back. Thank you for the service. ?

Carla Leopold 

Thank you to passports4u. After years of failed attempts trying to get Home Affairs to issue me a new Vault copy birth certificate (as they said it had been lost in a fire) Elle & Reina managed to find my original Vault copy. It took a month but was well worth the wait as otherwise I would have never got it myself. Staff at passports4u are friendly and always email or phone you back. Thank you for the service. ?

Carla Leopold 

Vault copy obtained within record time – wow. Fantastic service. Thank you to Ellé and Reina for all your help – couldn’t have done it without you.

Ellen Theron 

I needed a long form birth certificate FAST, and everywhere (embassies in Switzerland and other countries) I contacted I was warned about excruciatingly long waiting times (example up to one year) and the possibility of the embassy losing your documents etc (as happened to my mom).

I was lucky to find Ellé’s website and for a very reasonable price (much cheaper than travelling to South Africa), Ellé solved my problem — and this even though the Home Affairs computer system was crashing for a whole week and the people at the Apsotille office were not letting in the public for one or two days. THANK YOU ELLÉ!!!
Jan (Switzerland)

Jan in Switzerland 

We were referred onto Elle when all the changes with police clearance had been implemented. People had been waiting for more than 8 weeks and still not received anything! Elle sorted mine, my husband and my sons out! The service I received from her was absolutely amazing and personalized. Elle also then managed to get our unabridged marriage certificate which we had been waiting over a year for in less than a week! She is an absolute life saver!!

Lisa-Jane Bosse

WOW!!! Fantastic ladies. You really spared my Husband and I the long queues and endless nightmare of trying to obtain our unabridged birth certificates and marriage certificate from home affairs. I would suggest your services to everyone. Great work. Well done ladies.

Clair Brett 

Elle and Reina did a brilliant job in getting my police clearance certificate amazingly quickly while I am overseas.

Will definitely be using PassPorts4U in the future.

Francois du Plessis 

We applied for our unabridged marriage certificate in 2013 and didn’t hear anything about it after that. Since we’re in the process of applying for foreign citizenship we need our unabridged marriage cert as all other marriage-related documents are not accepted by the local authorities where we are currently. I found out about Passports4U on a Facebook forum and made contact with them. They always replied to my messages and answered all my questions each time I mailed. Our case was slightly complicated as we had applied in SA before leaving and Elle found out that Home Affairs didn’t have a copy of our marriage register. Nevertheless, all work out in the end and the certificate was collected last week. Thank you Elle and Reina – you’re patience and assistance is greatly appreciated. Fantastic service!

Jacolette Jansen 

FANTASTIC feedback and service received. Sent details and payment to Elle early in the morning for an unabridged birth certificate and received an sms from home affairs office about 3 hours later to say it was ready for collection.

Carol Tibbott 

I urgently required my unabridged Birth Certificate so I got hold of Elle who said she could have it ready in a few days which she did, unfortunately there were some errors on my document due to issues with my details on the Home affairs system. Elle got them to correct my details tirelessly over the next few days and then had my doc couriered to me in Dubai in time for my needs. Thank you Elle so much for your help!

Lauren Farr 

Thank you Elle Bond for the super service. I struggled for almost two months getting my police clearance as I needed it urgently Elle made it happen!! She is super friendly and very committed in helping people.Thank you Elle you come highly recommend.


This is the second time my wife and I made use of the services of Pasports 4 you. Both times we needed police clearance certificates and both times Elle and her team provided superb service. I would recommend them anytime.

Gert Combrink 

Elle has truly been the most phenomenal person to deal with. She has blown our expectations away tenfold. She has had the utmost patience with us when we needed urgency and has literally been a guardian angel to us. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone looking at expediating documents. SHE IS THE BEST by far!!!! Superb Service, Super efficient and absolutely helpful 24/7.


I got a job offer overseas, and so I needed to get my unabridged marriage certificate & have it apostilled. Everyone I spoke to about the move said that getting the certificate and having it apostilled took months and was the most stressful part of the process. Reina and Elle sorted us out in a scant few weeks, with efficiency and professionalism. Very happy to use their services again.

Henré Botha 

Great service! Sent through the necessary documents for our immigration and it was done in record time!.
Would recommend Passports4u anytime.

Chanel van Straaten 

To whom it may concern:

I would like to commend Ellé (PASSPORTS4U) for assisting me and my family to obtain an unabridged birth certificate for my daughter. She was professional, efficient and kept us abreast of all developments along the way. I can with confidence recommend Ellé (PASSPORTS4U) to anyone looking for assistance regarding any of the service offerings provided by Ellé (PASSPORTS4U).

Keep up the good work Ellé (PASSPORTS4U)!

Morne Britz

Absolutely fantastic service from Elle and Reina. I received an email to let me know my Police Clearance Certificate was ready. Later the same day received another email to let me know that the courier had been dispatched. Would highly recommend making use of their service. It takes the worry and stress out of dealing with bureaucrat offices.

Elton Stalley 

Thanks for the help Elle & Reina. Got the vault birth certificates I needed… on time!


We had applied for unabridged birth certificate weeks before, but it did not arrive no matter how much pressure was applied at home affairs. We contacted Elle on Wednesday evening and by Friday morning we got the message to collect the certificate. Thanks very much!

Dale and Daniel 

After having a week of stress, being pushed from Randburg Home Affairs to Roodeport Home affairs it was such a pleasure to link up with Elle and Reina. It was like a breath of fresh air with amazing service. They assisted me with an unabridged marriage certificate and the Apostille of 2 certificates. To top it all my certificates were delivered to a me in Centurion. I would certainly recommend their service, you will not be disappointed.

Gail Snyman 

I can highly recommend the services of Elle and Reina, who from the start of my application kept me informed, gave me the most amazing service with no request being to much trouble and even delivered my certificates to me as they were in area.
A huge thank you must go out for the awesome service and rescuing me from the hands of the 2 Home Affairs who pushed me from pillar to post and could not organise my Unabridged Marriage certificate.

Gail Snyman 

Thank you so much to Elle and Reina for all your help. You were able to do the impossible – unabridged marriage and birth in record tine! Thanking you for all your assistance, we literally could not submit our visa application without you!!

Cheryl & Malcolm 

I was extremely impressed with the turnaround time to get my UBC. Having waited 2 months for it from Home affairs, I decided to contact Elle and see if she was able to assist in the process. I got it the next day after contracting Elle to assist! Thank you Elle!I will definitely use her services again.


I cannot explain how grateful I am to Elle for how she assisted me obtain my daughter’s unabridged birth certificate in record time and couriered it to her in United Kingdom. I was literally in despair-having tried every possible avenue –from going and queuing at Home affairs ,to writing to Their Head Office in Pretoria, to holding on the phone every second day on their call Center line for almost a month. I explained my problem to Elle and she agreed to try her best and within a week she had it in hand!!!! A miracle worker is what she is. Very reasonable rates and very friendly. You really can’t get better, more efficient service. I will definitely be using her again. Regards,

Michele King

Elle offers an absolutely amazing service, she is friendly and goes above and beyond the extra mile. She helped me with a task that I thought was mission impossible but in the end it all worked out thanks to Elle’s efficiency. I highly recommend using Elle for any and all of the services that she offers.


We have dealt with Elle in the past and recently , she has always been brilliant, don’t know how she does it but worth every cent spent. Always keeps you updated and always friendly and professional, thank you Elle could not have done it without you ?

Natalie Ongley 

Elle, you were true to your word in getting my mother’s Unabridged Marriage Certificate, you gave me a time frame and you created such a level of comfort in doing so that my gut feeling told me that I had nothing to worry about in you meeting the delivery date. A very special thank you, service excellence like this is a rarity to say the least. Keep up the good work Elle, and your business will continue on the up of positive growth!

John Bradford 

Elle has been absolutely phenomenal. After waiting 11 months for unabridged marriage certificates.
Elle was able to have them ready in less than 3 working days.
I am so thrilled and can’t thank Passports4u enough.

Courtney Inggs 

Elle- thank you so much !!! you truly are amazing ! I can honestly say i dont think i have ever received such exceptional ,professional service in my life. After many very frustrating years dealing with various government departments ,you sorted out my documents like a dream – thank you

Roger Flack 

We were very fortunate to work with Elle. We had a week to get our unabridged certificates and it being middle December, other companies would not assist. Elle got our document sorted out in record time. Thank you for the awesome service ?

Chris Vorster

Compliments to Elle for her amazingly quick turnaround time for our unabridged marriage certificates. Waited for months for feedback from home affairs with not a word. 2 days and Elle had our documents ready for collection. Thanks Elle and team. Highly recommended.

Philip Dukas 

I am very grateful to Reina for helping with expoditing 2 birth certificates which we have been waiting for for months now. She was very pleasant and speedy with getting the process through. In under an hour of telling me that she had started the process I had received the two sms’ saying that the birth certificates were ready to collect. I have used Passports4u last year and had the same quick and professional service. Thumbs up to your bussiness – I’ll definitely use this again if need be and recommend it to anyone who needs their documents quickly ? thank you again for all your help!


Wow is all I can say. Thank you so much for your quick service. Document was ready within one day. Thank you Elle and Reina.

Francois Pienaar

I used Passports4U to expedite an application for a unabridged marriage certificate. The stress of having to visit Home Affairs weekly, just to be told you document is not ready, was completely alleviated. Thank you Reina for the prompt and efficient service. Highly recommend the service you offer.


I can highly recommend the service provided here. I urgently needed a Vault copy of my birth certificate and having waited for 18 months to get an unabridged copy, was certain that the same time frame would apply. I did not get any reassurance from the Department of Home Affairs so decided to request it via Elle. It arrived in 3 days! It took all the stress away from having to wait in queues, with a never ending expected delivery date. Well done – I would recommend anyone needing documentation to take this route.

Mary Addington 

Reina and Elle thank you for helping me to obtain the vault copy of my daughter’s birth certificate so quickly. Will be using your services again in the near future for other documentation I require from the Department of Home Affairs.

Rosa Jorge 

I needed my vault birth certificate urgently and was told by all and sundry that it could take anything from 6 months to 6 years!! from the Department of Home Affairs. I was prompted to try Elle of Passports4u and got it within record time of applying despite Home Affairs firstly sending the wrong document. Highly recommended efficient and friendly service. Indeed a rarity these days.

Doug Green 

I can only recommend how wonderful this company and service is! We urgently needed our unabridged marriage certificate. After waiting 8 months for this at Home Affairs, we contacted Elle and she advised the process would not be long! Within 2,5 weeks we were told our certificate was ready! BRILLIANT SERVICE! Thank you SO much – I only wish we had gone this route sooner!


I just wanted to thank Elle and her team on their super efficient service! I desperately needed my Unabridged Birth and Marriage Certificates and after phoning Dept of Home Affairs weekly for the last 6 months I was having no joy. I also contacted a local well known company that assisted with x 3 more complex documents that I need and was told that unfortunately they cannot assist in speeding up the process as I had not originally arranged it through them. By pure luck, my husband was chatting to people that were emigrating and told them my situation and they gave him Elle’s contact details and said that she would be able to assist and that I must contact her. Paid on Friday afternoon, Monday I got an email stating that my info had been sent to Dept of Home affairs and Tues I received an SMS To say that docs were ready to collect – I was blown away! Thanks so much, have everything I now need to apply for our Dutch Citizenship.


Brilliant Service!!! Thank you Elle. Received Vault Copies of my children’s Birth Certificates within 3 days of couriering documents to Elle via postnet. Very impressed.



We regret to inform you that Passports4U can’t apply for Police Clearances. The correct process to follow (if you are in South Africa) is to visit your local police station, remember to take a copy of your ID and a copy of your marriage certificate if you need your Maiden Surname on the certificate.


Ellé Bond

I would like to send out a very big Thank You to Reina. I urgently needed my Unabridged birth certificate,as I will be getting married in Germany. She was so patient and answered all my questions, pertaining to how I could get my Unabridged birth certificate expedited by Passports4u.

I’m very happy to confirm that I submitted my information to her on Wednesday, the 27th Feb and by the 6th of March I received a text message from Home Affairs, that my Unabridged birth certificate was ready for collection. I am absolutely impressed!!!


This service is AMAZING! I cannot believe the whole process to ONE WEEK! After never ending liaising with Home Affairs in Durban, I was left to find another way to obtain my Unabridged Birth Certificate. Passports4U were incredibly helpful and made the whole process pain free!!

Shae Cook 

Thank you Elle.

WOW SUPER FAST SERVICE. Very satisfied customer. Your service today was really amazing. Super fast and could not do this with out your great service!! My sons Unabridged Birth certificate had to be amended today. As I realized that my ID number was incorrect on his birth certificate. Our Home Affairs office in town was helpful but was not very positive in how long it will take Home Affairs Head office to rectify the problem. We are emigrating in July and need this fixed Asap… Elle was very helpful and super fast in assisting. Taking some stress off our shoulders in our moving process. Elle got the birth certificate amended in just 15min. Went back to our Home Affairs department waited 30min and all was fixed and printed. Tanks again will definitely recommend your services. 10 out of 10.

Lindie de Villiers 

Oh dear Chantall

I am sorry, if I’m not on the phone, I’m on the phone, please call me on my mobile 0829023291 or email me elle@passports4u.co.za

Warm regards


Very good, efficient and prompt service from passport4u when we required my niece’s vault copy of her birth register.

Gilbert Kermis 

A friend recommended Passports4U after I mentioned that I had spent months going around in circles trying to obtain an unabridged birth certificate for a young boy who doesn’t know his parents, didn’t even know their names, nor where he was born. All he had was an abridged birth certificate his social worker had obtained for him. Elle was very reassuring and said she could look at obtaining a vault copy of the boy’s birth certificate, which could be used as an unabridged birth certificate. Elle obtained the vault copy which has been a lifesaver. I am truly grateful for her services, and her patience. Now the young boy can apply for an ID book and sit his Matric, which up until now was an impossibility due to bureaucratic red tape. Thank you, Elle. marketos@wol.co.za

After finding myself in the worst catch 22 situation I was saved when my sister’s daughters friend gave me Elle’s contact details. I phoned Elle who listened to my nightmare story. Our passports have just been delivered to our home in Cape Town.
I would recommend Elle’s service to anyone in need of sorting out red tape. Her professionalism and caring attitude to sorting out my situation was increable. Thank you Elle! I most certainly recommend your service.

Nicolette Duncan 

All I can say is WOW Awesome service! Just 1 week for an unabridged birth certificate.
Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! for putting up with my constant nagging :). You are very appreciated.

Melissa Naicker 

In South Africa we are used to getting slow service if any service at all! And one thing Elle and her team made me realize again that if you are passionate about your work you will receive the best service!! Thank you so very much for your excellent service after 8 years of trying to get hold of my unabridged certificate and no one not even the highest rank there in the Home Affairs could help me. ELLE MADE IT HAPPEN WITHIN A WEEK. Now all i can say is that is service with passion! I will recommend you and your team anytime. Thank you once again!! You are simply the best!


Thank you, Elle and Anne, for your amazing service; not only do you deliver what you promised but even more than promised and, in less time, than you said it would take. It is so refreshing to come across a business that exceeds expectations. My wife and I are both so grateful to you and will gladly recommend Passports4U to all of our friends and acquaintances.

Courtenay Harebottle 

A BIG thank you to Elle and Allet! My partner and I needed police clearance certificates and his unabridged birth certificate quite urgently, and had Passports4U recommended to us by our immigration advisers. Not only were they courteous and kind, we had *all* our documents within the promised time. Amazing service from a great team – I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone else!

Marea Sing 

My sister and I started the process of applying for Bristish passports but hit a snag as they required Vault Certificates from Home Affairs, You can not believe the panic and stress I went through as the report we got was that that this could take years to obtain and my plans are to immigrate in a few month. We did some research and decided to contact Elle. BEST DECISION EVER!!!
Elle, thank you, thank you, you are a life saver and a blessing. Me, My sister and our family, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and will definitely recommend you to whoever we can. You went above and beyond for us.

Karen Davis 

I used Passports4U to assist with my marriage certificate last year and most recently, a police clearance certificate which was ready for collection a few days after submitting documents to her office. Excellent, efficient service, and would highly recommend Elle and her team!


  1. Denise Pillay

    Thank you Elle and the team for such a professional and speedy service in getting my PCC for me. I appreciate the constant communication. I would highly recommend your company and will definitely use your services in future. Thanks again!!

    • Elle

      Dear Denise

      Thank you so much for your kind words. May all your dreams come true !

      Warm regards
      The Passports4U Team

  2. Chantal Jordaan

    Thank you Reina and team. 5 Working days and I have the un-abridged birth certificate in my hand. Applied for it 1 year ago and Department “lost” my application. Applied again and was told it will take about 5 months. Reina did it in 5 days! Very happy client. Process was painless.

    Thank you so much!

    • Elle

      You are most welcome Chantal – glad we could assist

      Warm regards
      The Passports4U Team

  3. Dewald

    Have received very good and fast service from Elle and her team. Quick turnaround time and going the extra mile for their clients.

    Thank you very much

    • Elle

      Thank you Dewald – so kind of you to leave a note – hope your journey is amazing where ever it is you call home 🙂
      The Passports4U team

  4. Attie Coetzee

    When submitting the application documents for my son’s unabridged birth certificate, I expecting a 6 week waiting period.
    I was pleasantly surprised to receive it after only 2 weeks.
    Many thanks Reina and Inezoa for your fast, professional and friendly service.

    • Elle

      Thank you Attie for your kind words – the girls are angels!

  5. Sabine Schommarz

    Absolutely fantastic service!
    Quick, efficient and professional.
    Would highly recommend.

    • Elle

      Dear Sabine – thank you so much for the kind words! The passports4U team

  6. Mark Williamson

    I have used passports4u three times and every time has been an absolute pleasure. Fast efficient and friendly service is really appreciated. Thank You, you guys are great !!! Will always come back for any future requirements..

    • Elle

      Hi Mark thank you, we will always be here for you – The Passports4U team

  7. Marcelino

    I am happy with the swift response from Ella.

    • Elle

      Thank you Marcelino, sorry I could not help with the passport 🙂

  8. David Copeland

    The official path to get a copy of my birth certificate meant going to the SA consulate where I now live felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall. “Hopefully about 9 or 10 months” was the answer I received when I asked how long it would take to have it in my hands. Fortunately I bumped into a fellow SA expat at my local coffee shop who passed on the contact details of passports4u. Smooth sailing after that. Ellé sent me the required documents, I scanned them and emailed her back. 10 days later she Whatsapp’d me to say she had the birth certificate. 5 days later it was with me via Fedex. So 9 months vs 15 days? No contest and totally worth the very reasonable charge. I’m all set now.

    • Elle

      Hi David
      Thank you so very much for taking the time to comment on our service! Really appreciate your time and kind words!
      Take care
      Elle and the team!

  9. Hansie Grobler

    Frustration, endless unanswered calls, disinterested home affairs individuals… and then a friend told me about your service. You helped resolve my 6 month nightmare of obtaining an unabridged birth certificate for my Son that immigrated to America. Thank you for your friendly, professional service. I will highly recommended your service!

    • Elle

      You are welcome Hansie! Thank you for trusting us with your documents Warm regards the Passports4U team

  10. Pria Paruman

    Our move to New Zealand was quick and although we had most of our documents, we could only apply for police clearances after we received our job offer. Applying in the Nov/Dec period is absolute madness with SAP & DHA. We reached out to Elle & her team and they came through for us and we were able to leave in time. Fast forward 2 years later and now we needed unabridged birth certs and police clearances again, only this time, we were already in NZ. Elle & team make it so easy and efficient. I cannot recommend their services enough ! Thanks to the Passports4U Team !

    • Elle

      Dear Pria thank you for the kind words – it was a pleasure working with you – if you ever need assistance, even just sending flowers to a loved-one in South Africa, while you are abroad – I am your girl xx

  11. Heather

    I am so happy I found Passports4u. After struggling for a year, to have any movement on our Unabridged Marriage Certificate I happened to hear about Passports4u. They managed to organize our unabridged marriage certificate in nine days. I was so relieved, and highly recommend the services they offer. I was so happy, that I am currently using them to organize our police clearance certificates, as well as my dad’s unabridged marriage certificate. If I require any other documentation in the future, I will not hesitate to use their services again.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    • Elle

      Thank you Heather – Welcome to 2022~! Wishing you and your family an amazing year! Take care Elle

  12. Quinton Hewitt

    A HUGE thank-you to Reina and the team at Passport4u who managed to get a Vault copy of my Mother’s birth certificate
    ( from 1918) in just 4 days! – I battled on my own with DHA for almost 2 years having been told that no documents were available – super efficient with great communication all the way. Many thanks a job well done ! Q

    • Elle

      Thank you Quinton for your feedback, have an amazing 2022!~ Regards Elle

  13. Christiaan

    We applied for my wife’s unabridged birth certificate in February 2020 and our unabridged marriage certificate in December 2020. After various attempts to receive feedback, filling new vault requests and sending in details of our marriage, we did not receive any indication if we will ever receive the unabridged certificates.

    In June 2021, we decided to use the service of Passports4U, Elle went through the history of our applications, logged queries on our behalf and resolved our unabridged marriage certificate issue in less than a month. We received this within in July 2021.

    The unabridged birth certificate was not that easy, various vault requests were submitted by Elle who constantly followed up and persevered on our behalf. Passprts4U eventually managed to secure my wife’s unabridged birth certificate in November 2021.

    I would like to thank Passports4U for doing what they commit to, at personal involvement. We could not have done this without them!

    • Elle

      Hi Theunis (hehe sorry)

      Dearest Christiaan and Jeannie
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on our service, I must thank you, you guys have been so patient – THANK YOU for trusting me, and not giving up! Wishing you and Jeannie the VERY best with your future plans! God Bless Elle

  14. Blessed Ntenezi

    I enlisted the services of Passports4u to obtain a SAPS police clearance certificate for my wife and I must say I was blown away by the professionalism and speed in turning the request around!! A big thank you to you Elle & your team for taking my calls & promptly responding to my emails – – I received the police clearance within three weeks!

    • Elle

      You are so welcome Blessed!

      Warm regards

  15. Jaecqueline Breedt

    I approached the ladies at passports4u after being scammed by another alleged company that assist with documentation. I needed an unabridged birth certificate and police clearance for my brother in Canada. They gave us different options communicated every step and took initiative. The documents were all ready in less than 3 weeks. I can recommend them for all your needs. They are amazing and truly a pleasure to work with. Thank you ladies you are truly kind, caring, dedicated and professional.

    • Elle

      You are amazing Jacqui! Thank you for the kind words – I have the best team in the world!

      God Bless

  16. Rory Haigh

    I spent over a year battling with Home Affairs to get my vault birth certificate for my UK passport application. I have spent hours on the phone, and hours standing in lines at Edenvale Home Affairs and all I achieved was frustration.
    I was then referred to Elle, and got in contact with her.
    Within a week, Elle had managed to get my vault certificate. The incredible service Elle provides is unreal. I would recommend Elle to anyone and everyone.
    Thank you for everything Elle, you are absolutely amazing!

    • Elle

      My dear Rory – I have an amazing team helping to get things done! It was an absolute pleasure

  17. Steph Binns

    Elle, what can I say, other than a massive thank you. You were so easy to work with and so helpful, you were responsive to all comms, and got my 5 documents for me really quickly.

    Trying to get your own documents can be something really stressful, and you took the stress out of that. You are super good at what you do and just a lovely person to work with.

    Thank you for all your help

    I highly recommend you

    • Elle

      Aww Steph, you are amazing ! Thank you for the beautiful testimonial 🙂

  18. Savannah-Leigh Geldenhuys

    Good day,

    I hope you are keeping well?

    Please can I ask for assistance with regards to my Vault birth certificate I am needing to come and fetch it on the 7th September but I would like to know if it is still there at Randburg home affairs will you be able to assist?

    • Elle

      Hi Savannah-Leigh I have replied to your email address

  19. Pieter

    Elle was such a star. Over a period of 6 months and 4 visits to home affairs I could not get a unabridged birth certificate. I was running out of time to get this for my marriage abroad, and she managed to get it in no time.

    3 days after she actioned it I received the certificate via courier even though it was during the Covid lockdown period.

    Thanks so much for the awesome service. I will certainly use you again and recommend you to anyone in need of documents.

    • Elle

      You are welcome Pieter – thank you for the kind words!

  20. Bridgid Johnson

    I have had the best experience using passports4u services. Elle sorted out an issue I had with my unabridged birth certificate within a very short period of time. I would highly suggest using their services

    • Elle

      Thank you Bridgid for the kind words 🙂

  21. Samantha

    I enlisted the assistance of Passports4U via my friend.
    They were fast and efficient, and delivered their promise to me much earlier than the promised date.
    Because of them, I received my Visa quickly.
    I will always be thankful to them!
    Highly recommended and very friendly and warm people too.

    • Elle

      Dear Samantha

      So glad we could assist you with your documents


  22. Caron Williams

    Kudos to Elle and her team at passports4U. Super impressed with their efficient service delivery and professionalism. The speed at which I received my vault birth certificate was amazing. I highly recommend Passports4U 🙂

    • Elle

      Aw thanks Caron x

  23. Anthony Martin

    Dear Elle and the Team.

    I have battled for some time to obtain my unabridged birth certificate. I decided to go out on a limb and contact you for assistance. You immediately called me back to clarify my requirements and within days I have received that which has seemingly taken a lifetime to get.

    Thank you for your professional and unprecedented service. I will highly recommend your services to anyone who is in need of anything you and your team offer..

    Thanks again.

    • Elle

      You are so welcome Anthony – wishing you and your family an amazing journey!

  24. Tanya C

    Ek wil ook net ‘n groot dankie se aan Reina! xxx

  25. Tanya

    Ons het in 2015 aansoek gedoen vir my dogter se Unabridged Birth Certificate. Na vele “Late Birth Registrations” en eposse en oproepe het ons 6 jare later nog niks ontvang nie.
    ‘n Vriendin het vir my Elle se telefoonnommer gegee. Ek het vir haar ‘n epos gestuur toe my kind in Maart al 18 word en nogsteeds nie ‘n Unabridged Birth Certificate het nie. Dierbare, vriendelike Elle het my teruggeskakel. Ek het die situasie aan haar verduidelik en vertel hoe ons al vir meer as 6 jare sukkel en wag. Die volgende dag, toe stuur Elle vir my ‘n whatsapp en se dit is gereed, ek kan dit maar net gaan haal by Caledon se Binnelandse Sake kantoor.
    Sy is ‘n engel! Anders glo ek so ons dit nooit ooit gekry het nie.

  26. Elaine Daniel

    Wow! After 5 months of trying to get docs out of Home Affairs (after my first application was “lost” and nothing happened with the 2nd) I turned to Elle for help. She must have lots of patience. Even she hit a brick wall on first try, but she persevered for months and on her 2nd try – at no additional cost to me- she finally succeeded and my certificate was delivered today. I’ve heard people have been waiting for 2 years and I was beginning to think that would be me. Thank you Elle for not giving up when I almost did.

    • Elle

      Awww Elaine, you are too kind 🙂 Hope everything works out for you and your family!

  27. Candice Ries

    I had the worst experience with two other agents offering the same service. As covid began to complicate the immigration process, I had very little time to get one vital document. Elle was recommended to me on Facebook and within minutes she had called me and got the ball rolling. The nicest lady who put my mind at ease and made me feel so much more relaxed about this super stressful situations. 100% recommend her services as she is professional, kind, organized and gets things done quickly with ease.

    • Elle

      Thank you Candice xx

  28. R

    Thank you to P4U for helping me with my Unabridged Birth Certificate. I was very grateful after waiting months with no response.
    Thanks so much and I will be happy to make use of your services in the future.

    • Elle

      Thank you Reinette xx

  29. Werner

    Friendly and the quickest help I ever got , .

    Thank you so much Elle , was such a pleasure doing business with you

    • Elle

      Thanks Werner!!

      • Clayton van Rooyen

        My Gosh I can’t believe how great Elle Bond and her team were to me! So caring and considerate…the work ethic and customer service is on another level! They blew me away with professionalism! Thank you so much Elle and Team❤

        • Elle

          Awww Clayton, always a pleasure – I wish all the applications could go as smooth! God Bless Elle

  30. Karin

    I would recommend Passports4U to anyone and everyone. Their service is super fast, efficient, and professional. Once you’ve submitted all the required items, you can sit back and relax and be rest assured that they will handle everything. Worth every cent!

    • Elle

      Awww Karin – Thank you!

  31. Jenna Hensman

    I literally have no words…..we submitted for our Unabridged Marriage Certificate back in October 2020 and I had literally been chasing Home Affairs every week, twice a week, with absolutely no joy. We could not apply for my son’s passport without our unabridged marriage certificate so it was extremely important for us to get this and I was giving up hope.
    Somebody put us in touch with Elle and said he had used her and her services were fantastic, so we went ahead and asked Elle to help us.
    I paid Elle on the 12th May, I collected the Unabridged Marriage certificate on 18th May!!!!
    I literally cannot thank you enough, what you have done means more to us than anything. THANK YOU!!!!! XX

    • Elle

      Thank you Jenna – wow it was my absolute pleasure xx

  32. Michelle Stavrou

    I have been spending years collating documents for our immigration and got into a bit of a jab (long story) nevertheless I contacted Elle and she was able to assist me that very day, we did forms and all the necessary and within 3 weeks I had 3 documents from Home Affairs. Elle you literally rescued me from a terrible situation and I cannot thank you enough for your prompt, informative and highly efficient service. THANK YOU xx

    • Elle

      You are so welcome – thank you for trusting me! xx

  33. Nita van der Merwe

    We have recently used Passports4u for a second time in a couple of years for a new visa application. Elle and her team was nothing short of AMAZING. Even through the pandemic and the PCC offices constantly closing, the system hanging, Elle did her utmost best to assist us. She really went out of her way to make sure that we obtain our clearance cert. Thank you so much Elle and your whole team for being who you are and for providing us with our PCC this morning. We will definitely be in contact again.

  34. Geordie S

    Elle, my apostillised police clearance certificate arrived some days ago, thank you. Yes, even in the midst of this ongoing pandemic, you managed to get these important documents sent to me promptly! My sister was right to recommend you to me. She too had a very good experience. And now my brother too is getting his documents through passports4u and is benefiting in the same way.

  35. Andre

    We submitted our application to Elle in the beginning of December 2020. Elle has assisted us with record turnaround time. Our unabridged birth certificates and police clearances were done and shipped to New Zealand during mid January 2021. We received our documents on the 3rd of February 2021. This all occurred while SA had some level of lockdown implemented, but that didn’t have any impact on the documents needed. Absolutely impressed with the service and the turnaround time. We will highly recommend Ellé any time. Thank you so much

    • Mike Bolstridge

      Elle, You are indeed a miracle worker as the scores of testimonials above all agree. They have said it all. You provide an amazingly efficient service and communication is excellent. What a shining light in the midst of the poor service and mediocrity that surround us in SA. You deserve to go from strength to strength.
      Best wishes,
      Mike Bolstridge.

      • Elle

        Oh wow Mike – right back at you! Thank you for the beautiful words! I have a great team!

        Warm regards

  36. Paul Mullan

    My mother in law is South African and needs a national ID. She submitted an application with home affairs in March but with lockdowns now, has not received her ID as if yet. Are you able to help with an inquiry to Home Affairs – or do you know of some agency that you would recommend that helps with the ID application?

    • Elle

      Dear Paul Unfortunately I am not able to assist with ID’s or passports during lockdown level 3 – I also do not know of anyone who would be able to assist.
      So sorry

  37. Angelique Olivier Lynch

    I cannot stop smiling! What a great way to start the “almost” new year! My dear Mother applied for my Unabridged Birth Certificate in February 2020 this year, after waiting for months and having to go back multiple times and wait in long lines outside Home Affairs leaving with nothing but – “it’s not ready yet please come back next month” …
    Finally I decided to reach out to Passports4u.
    The company was recommended by fellow South African’s living in the US whom have hired their services before. I was reluctant and nervous at first but at this point it was a case of what do you have to lose. The process was initiated on December 19th 2020 and this morning December 30th 2020 I was informed my Birth Certificate was collected! I am overjoyed. It was worth every cent of the fee’s. I am sharing this for the hope that it might help someone else whom applied at Home Affairs and aren’t able to retrieve or get hold of their documents.
    Bottomline: Ellé from Passports4u services are amazing. Her response time was adequate, reliable and fast. She has been very friendly and helpful and really has gone out of her way to make this happen. I highly recommend her services. And I will definitely be using their services again in the near future!

  38. Debbie Skorbinski

    What an Rollercoaster journey with immigration, We started the process of immigration in 2019 from SA to USA, I struggled to get my middel sons birth certificate, after hearing about passports 4 u, I contacted Elle and within record time she helped me out and we were on a plain to Minnesota! I have referred many people to passports 4 u and they also had great service and a great experience with Elle! The best part is now that we are in USA I urgently needed documents for myself and my husband, Elle helped me out once again,and yes it did take longer than we had hoped or anticipated (but taking into consideration with covid and all) I loved and admired the fact that Elle took responsibility for the delay apologized and fixed the problem as quickly as possible! This is a woman true to her work loyal and willing to help no matter what. Elle I cant say thank you enough for the help and I will definitely continue to refer people your way!

    • Elle

      Ai Debbie, you made me cry! Thank you so much for your honesty! I know it was not easy to get hold of me, but at the end we got it done! Wishing you and Wayne the best on your journey x

  39. Rhea Holdstock

    Elle outdid herself in the service she provided to us when it came to requesting the vault copies of our birth certificates, this is the second time that we have made use of her services and both times we received our documents quicker than we ever thought possible.

    Thank you to her and her team, keep up the amazing work, you guys rock!

    • Elle

      You are so welcome Rhea, happy to help 🙂

  40. Garth Chandler

    Elle offers an amazing service ,unmatched in my opinion , after a year long battle with DHA , Elle sorted our documents within 2 days , amazing is the olny word i can use to desribe Elle and Passports4U.
    Thank you again Elle !!

    • Elle

      Aww thank you Garth 🙂

  41. Sue

    Thank you for your great help in getting vault copy and marriage certificate. I can highly recommend Elle. She has done in a month what I haven’t been able to do in two years and was always approachable and kept me informed.

    • Elle

      Awww thank you Sue!

  42. Erna

    I was referred to Elle, 2 years ago and have used her service a number of times now. She is trustworthy, helpful and professional. An absolute pleasure to work with. I will only work with Elle.

    • Elle

      Dankie Erna!

  43. Amy

    Elle and Anne, you have been an amazing team in helping me obtain my Marriage Certificate despite the challenges of Covid. Your personal and polite service was great. Thanks gor giving me the best ever present of 2020. Awesome!!!!

  44. Bron Mantel & Gali Hartuv

    Elle helped us achieve the impossible during these unprecedented COVID-19 times. We can’t thank you enough for your efforts, unfailing patience, and dedication to excellent service. Without your help, emigrating during a pandemic would have been entirely off the cards. Thanks for making the process one million times easier.

  45. Kyle Macdougall

    Excellent service, friendly, efficient. Definetly fills the space in the market for circumnavigating the drudgery of dealing with home affairs. But dont listen to me, just read the wall of testimonials above this. Highly recommended

    Thank you to Anne, my unabridged is in my hand and arrived quickly!

  46. Dalton Edwards

    Hi Elle
    Thank you for the great work you do.You provide an excellent service.I got your details from an acquaintance and he spoke highly about your service. I will definitely refer you to some else.Keep it up!

  47. Petronella Inskip

    Wow, I was blown away by the heartwarming service I’ve received from Elle & her team 🙂
    Thanks for helping me get my birth certificate and for being so awesome.
    High fives!!!
    Petro Inskip

  48. Mathys

    Great service
    From start to finish took 3 weeks for a Unabridge birth certificate during lockdown
    Will use Elle in the near future again

  49. Dana

    Frustration, upon frustration.. endless unanswered calls, disinterested home affairs individuals… and then I found Elle @ Passports4U, phenomenal service.. helped resolve my 6 month nightmare of obtaining an unabridged birth certificate for my daughter that is living abroad. Thank you.. friendly, professional service with empathy and a sense of humour. Thank you, Merci Elle and the team.. highly recommended and will continue to recommend your phenomenal service!

  50. Monica Venter

    I have used Passports4U on a few occasions to obtain Police Clearance certificates and Elle has gone out of her way every time to assist and get our Police Clearance application submitted and seen the Police Clearance process through to completion getting us our certificates in a timely fashion.

    Thank you Elle – you are a star

    • Elle

      You are always welcome dear Monica xx

    • Mark Kaufmann

      Thank you Elle for the great service we received from you when applying for police clearance certificates. The process was effortless and straightforward. As like previously you managed to get all sorted and posted off to me in record time as promised. Even through the Covid19 restrictions and challenges you found a way to obtain my documents. We do and will continue to recommended you Excellent service. Thank you for always being in contact with us and updating us through out the process as well as being available to be contacted via WhatsApp. This is such a help when you are in another country and unable to phone directly. Completely Satisfied Client. Great doing business with Passports4u. 👍

      • Elle

        Thank you so much Mark – 🙂 Take care

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