Type of documents
Unabridged birth certificates

A South African Unabridged Birth Certificate is a computer printed document issued by Home Affairs. It shows the full information of the individual and the biological parents or legal guardians. Passengers under the age of 18 require this certificate (in addition to passports and visas) when entering or exiting South Africa, the Birth certificate is deemed an unabridged if both parents details reflect.  The Bi24 is the birth registration document, also known as the VAULT certificate, Home Affairs will not issue an unabridged birth certificate unless this VAULT document is on file at Head Office.  The fact that it is not there does not mean that you were not registered, it means that your documents are not in order at the Department.  If your child was born after 2010 the unabridged birth certificate is printed while you wait and you would not need us to expedite it.

Unabridged marriage certificates

An unabridged marriage certificate proves that two people are legally married and that they have a legally binding marriage contract in place. Unabridged marriage certificates are official records denoting that two people have participated in a partnership and it includes jurisdictions where wedding licenses are not in place.  If the VAULT (marriage register) is not filed in Archives this certificate will not be printed.

Unabridged death certificates

An unabridged death certificate is a certificate of showing the full details of the person and death. The unabridged death certificate is a computer printout and the document can be apostilled or legalised.


Vault birth certificates

Vault Copy Of Birth registration This is a copy of the original registration form completed by your Parent’s when your birth was registered. It is stored in the vault at Archives in Home Affairs, hence the name Vault copy. It is a photo copy of the original, which is both stamped and signed by the Home Affairs Officer.



Vault marriage certificates

When applying for certain foreign passports, for example British , Irish and German, a Vault Marriage Certificate is required. This is a copy of the original “marriage registration” that was submitted to Home Affairs by the marriage officer. This copy is then date stamped and certified by the Department of Home Affairs.  Because there is a huge backlog with Unabridged Marriage certificates, the Vault copy is required before a Marriage certificate will be issued.

Police clearances

A police certificate is an official document issued as a result of a background check by the police or government agency of a country to enumerate any criminal records that the applicant may have.  This is only valid for 6 months.


An Apostille is done on your original documents by DIRCO to verify the signature on the official document.

We have 2 options available for Birth/Marriage/Death unabridged certificates.

If you do not have a job offer yet and not needing the documents urgently, then may I suggest a more affordable option to you and your family?  I am not a registered migration agent anymore and the information provided is only to assist with the process of applying for documents from the relevant Government departments. 

You need to apply at the regional Home Affairs office in your area in person if you need to apply for a Passport and remember both parents need to be present if you need to apply for children’s passports.  They do not allow agents or 3rd party’s to apply on your behalf.  You will need an unabridged birth certificate or an ID book/smart card to apply for the passport.  Fee is R400.00 for a normal passport and R800.00 for a Maxi passport (more pages).

Unabridged birth and marriage certificates can be applied for by anyone in your immediate family and it is valid for ever as long as you don’t write on it or laminate it.  This process takes approximately 4-6 weeks provided there is nothing outstanding in your file with the Department of Home Affairs.  The good news is that if your child(ren) was born after 2010 you can apply for their unabridged birth certificates and wait for it to be printed (if there are documents outstanding in their files then it will not be printed while you wait) Fee is R75.00 

You also need to apply for Police Clearances for everyone in your family over the age of 17 years who will be included on your visa application.  This is only valid for 6 months and for this you need to apply at least 12-14 weeks before you need to submit your visa application. 

If you need to apply for passports, why don’t you go to Home Affairs and apply for everything, passports, unabridged birth and marriage certificates.  You should get a sms stating that the passports are ready within 7-15 days and should you then need us to expedite the birth and marriage certificates we can arrange this so you go and collect everything when you collect your passports. 

I have also attached the forms, print them off and complete in black ink (handwritten only) – it will save you standing in the queue for forms, some offices will accept the forms and some won’t but at least you know what is required on the forms. 

I do want your business and I know it sounds as if I don’t but I need to be honest, the Immigration process is already so costly and if you can do it yourself and save money – why not?.

Should you need your documents urgently please see below options for your convenience and let me help you to expedite it.  If you apply then you collect, if I apply then I collect, I can’t collect it on your behalf if you already applied and if you have more than 1 application in remember once it is finalised it will be ready for printing at the FIRST office of application.  Therefore it is imperative to let us know if there is already an application open anywhere is South Africa.

Option 1 - You Apply and Collect

This is the fastest option available and you should receive a sms from the Department confirming that your document is finalised and ready for collection at the office where you applied within 1 – 4 days provided your documents are in order at the Home Affairs Department.  As soon as it is finalised you can collect it again at the office where you applied.

Unabridged birth certificate

  • Full Names & Surname/Maiden Surname as well as Town born: 
  • Mother: Maiden Surname, ID Number and Town born:
  • Father: ID Number and Town born:
  • Name of the Home Affairs where the first application was submitted

Unabridged death certificate

Kindly send us the receipt from Home Affairs as well as the Death certificate issued by the Doctor

Unabridged marriage certificate

  • Surname and ID number or Husband and Wife as well as
  • Date of Marriage:
  • Name of the Home Affairs where the application was submitted

Kindly attach the BI30 (Marriage Register – only obtainable from the Pastor/Priest who performed the ceremony).  This is the document you signed on the day of your wedding in front of the guests. Home Affairs introduced a new policy in August 2018. If the Marriage REGISTER (vault) is not on file they are not permitted to print the Unabridged Birth or Marriage Certificate.  In the past they printed the UMC if the information was on the system, but now the hard copy on file is required before it can be printed.  It will not be possible for us to assist without the Marriage Register.

NB! Please note If this document was applied for by you or anyone else at another Home Affairs, the application will be finalized & printed out at the office of the first application. Please advise me before I proceed.

Option 2 - We Apply, Collect and Expedite for You

Please complete the necessary forms attached in black ink. Complete in full (Sections A-D), and scan together with a Copy of ID of the applicant in Section D.  Our information will not feature on your forms at all.  Please note that this option takes much longer as we are dealing with a 3rd party and we rely on their systems so it can take up to 20 working days provided all your documents are in order at the Home Affairs Department

Police clearances

We can only assist if you have received the SMS with your reference number, if you have applied and you don’t have a reference number then we can wait until you obtain it or we will need your original fingerprints and all supporting documents  If you are outside SA you can have your prints taken at the South African Embassy or at your local police station. If you are in New Zealand you can make an appointment at the Postshop.

If you are in SA you can have your prints taken at your local police station.

We will also need a letter from you addressed to the South African Criminal Record Centre explaining the reason why you need the clearance urgently.  This letter must be dated & signed.

Please send us the following:

  • Original fingerprints
  • Copy of each applicants’ ID no need to certify it
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of PPTS4U fee and courier fee (if applicable)
  • Letter to SA Criminal Record Centre

We will apply, collect and courier it back to you, you can also arrange collection if you prefer to make use of your own courier.

Vault certificates (not required for New Zealand or Australia)

Have you applied for the vault certificates at Home Affairs at all?  If yes, please send me the receipt from Home Affairs. I will also need the full 13-digit ID number. R2350.00 per certificate

If you have not applied – please see forms attached, we will unfortunately need the original documents completed in black ink and couriered to the address below or to PostNet, Waterkloof with my details and contact number.  R2850.00

Apostille (not required for New Zealand or Australia)

This is a service offered by DIRCO to verify that the signature on the South African document is authorised to sign.  We charge R500 for up to 5 documents to apply and R500 to collect.

Refund Policy

If we expedite your documents – we do offer 100% refund should we not finalise your documents within 10 days.
If we handle the entire process and we are unable to assist within 25 days we have the right to deduct R850.00 per application.
If you decide that you no longer need us to continue for any reason whatsoever we will deduct R850.00 per application as a penalty fee.

Please carefully read the below

Our Process: Once I confirm that I received your payment and information please allow me 15 working days to finalise your request.  If there is a problem and I can’t obtain it I will confirm and provide a “plan B” or offer a refund.  Kindly send me a soft reminder if I have not contacted you on day 10.

Please be assured that your case will continue to receive full attention. If you have a pending case matter please email me your questions/concerns and allow 48 hours for my response.

 If your matter requires immediate assistance, call me on 0829023291 bearing in mind that I receive 60+ calls daily please.